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Rates & Procedures




Rates for Service

There is no charge for brief inquiries or consultations. If a project is seeking a grant which, if funded, would employ me as evaluator, there is no charge for assisting with the proposal. My default rate is $100 per hour ($800 per day). Most contracts are awarded as a package, with labor, travel, and other expenses rolled into a single bid. There is no minimum project size. There is no fixed percentage of project budget that should go to development, writing, or evaluation. However, in keeping with the standards of utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy, any project will have a minimum level of effort required to achieve its goals. 


Email or call with a description of your program and its needs. If I can help, I will return an outline with my understanding of the program's goals and logic along with a suggestion of Clearwater's role. Correct any misunderstandings I have, and we will converse until I have enough information to propose a scope of work and budget. in the case of grant applications, we submit the proposal and hope for success. If we win, the contract will depend on conditions of the final award. If the funding does not depend on a grant and Clearwater is selected, we can move directly from the approved scope of work to creating a contract and getting to work.

Clearwater Program Evaluation, 3357 Onyx Place, Eugene, OR 97405. Phone: 541.556.2268. Email:  

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